Tip for Halloween

Halloween Tips – Fun time for Kids

This time was fantastic for me, the magic in the streets, the costumes, the stories that were woven in every corner of my hometown.

Today I wanted to turn those moments into children’s stories, short readings for children that will help them awaken magic and curiosity.

Do not miss this short story that you can read to your children so that they can enjoy Halloween with a bit of mystery

suitable for their ages.



When I was a girl in that legendary little town,

during Halloween they let me wear a costume,

complement it with a broom or a mask,

and search for candy around the neighborhood.


But for my own good, I was well aware,

that of the sweets that people distributed in the street,

I shouldn’t eat any for a simple detail:

they could turn me into a frog or a snake.


Keep that in mind these days

because if you don’t follow this advice and go astray,

neither luck, nor wealth,

will save you from becoming the slug pet

of some witch for sure.


Halloween Advising 


As a small girl from an old town,

during Halloween I was allowed to wear a costume,

carry a broom to light up the gloom,

and  look for candy all around.


Yet, for my own sake, 

while trick-or-treating the streets

I should eat none of the given sweets,

cause it could  turn me into a frog or a snake.


To this day, 

If you don’t keep to that way and wander astray, 

Neither luck, nor riches,

will save you from becoming the slimy pet of witches. 




© 2021 Luza ® Todos los Derechos Reservados

© 2021 Luza ® Todos los Derechos Reservados

© 2021 Luza ® All Rights Reserved

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